Award Winners Announced!

The 2015 Aspen Faculty Pioneer Awards recognize educators who demonstrate leadership and risk-taking — and blaze a trail toward curriculum that deeply examines the relationships between capital markets, firms, and the public good.


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Below is a selection of this week's featured itmes from the 2015 Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award winners.

• Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy [Syllabus]

• How the Next Generation can Secure its American Dream [Syllabus]

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Social Entrepreneurship (SE) [Syllabus]

• Business at the Base of the Pyramid: Financial Services For the Poor Module [Syllabus-Module]

This week we also feature CasePlace Archive materials from previous award-winning Faculty Pioneers and finalists: visit the 2013 Faculty Pioneer Portal and 2014 Faculty Pioneer Portal.

This week's search features materials on Fair Employment/Treatment.


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