Special Archive Section: 2015 Year In Review

From the CasePlace Archives, we recap some of the highlights from 2015. This Year in Review presents a dozen popular cases, syllabi, books, and other items on a wide variety of business and social impact topics, including inequality, diversity, leadership and ethical behavior.


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Below is a selection of this week's featured items:


• Social Entrepreneurship [Syllabus]

• Silver Cloud, Inc.: Charles Lake Mill (A, B) [Case]

• Kaizen in Translation: Suggestion Systems across Cultures [Note]

• Fair & Lovely vs. Dark Is Beautiful [Case]

• Globalization: A Cautionary Tale [Article]

This week from the CasePlace Archives: Video Interview with Mary Ann Beyster, engineer and philanthropist. In this two-part video interview, Mary Ann discusses free enterprise, broad-based ownership and innovation.


This week's search features materials on Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values.

For previous search topics, see the Search of the Week Archive.

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