Inde and the Emprededores Juveniles de Nicaragua

Authors: Azofeifa, Monica; Leguizamon, Francisco
Source: Harvard Business School
Year: 2003
Company Name: Texaco, Pizza Hut, and Coca Cola
Number of pages: 13

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The Emprendedores Juveniles de Nicaragua (EJN, Nicaragua's Young Entrepreneurs) program was created in 1991 as an affiliate of Junior Achievement International (JAI). Since 1997, EJN developed a new approach to JAI's traditional model for young entrepreneurs' education by choosing youths at risk to participate in its programs. Although the new young entrepreneurs' model managed to get ongoing support from UNICEF, the traditional program, basically funded by private sector contributions, lost momentum and finally had no beneficiaries in 2000. In late 2002, the program's executive director had to find strong support for the traditional program and expected to keep or increase the number of beneficiaries in the new format. Provides information on the social programs developed by three private companies--Texaco, Pizza Hut, and Coca Cola--and their relationship with EJN.

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