A Note on Sexual Harassment Policy

Authors: Freeman, R; Wicks, Andrew C.
Source: Darden Business Publishing
Year: 1992
Number of pages: 3

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Numerous reasons exist for businesses to have a comprehensive and well-monitored sexual-harassment policy. The first, and most self-interested, reason is that creating a strong program will significantly reduce the potential for and extent of liability for incidents of sexual harassment. Second, such a policy is likely to lead to a decrease in harassment, which will save a company considerable time, money, and effort and reduce the likelihood that the company's image/credibility will be damaged if incidents do occur. Third, as parties interested in creating a positive working environment, employers have reason to support such a policy actively. Finally, as moral agents, companies should support these efforts as part of their concern about the integrity of their companies and the well-being of their employees. This note details the reasons or having a policy as well as the steps towards constructing one, includes a sample policy, and discusses two companies—DuPont and AT&T—that have put successful policies into place.

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