Note On Postmerger Integration

Authors: Bourgeois III, L.; Patel, L.
Source: Darden Business Publishing
Year: 2009
Number of pages: 8

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Approximately 65% to 85% of mergers fail. That's a startling statistic. While there are myriad reasons why mergers are not successful, in many cases the reason is simple: a failure to develop and execute an appropriate postmerger integration (PMI) strategy. Clues to successful PMIs can be gleaned from the 15% to 35% of mergers that do succeed; this note contains some tips and best practices distilled from those successes. Because every company and every merger is different, this collection of practices is by no means exhaustive. Instead, its purpose is to serve as a starting point for the creation of a well-tailored strategy for a firm planning to undertake the assimilation of an acquisition into a new, combined entity.

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