Corporate Citizenship and Sustainable Community Development: Fostering Multi-Sector Collaboration in Magadi Division in Kenya
Author: Muthuri, Judy N.
Source: International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, UK
Year: 2007
Company Name: Magadi Soda Company
Number of pages: 13

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This paper explores Magadi Soda Company’s efforts to initiate a multi-sector collaboration to facilitate sustainable community development in Magadi division in Kenya. A narrative is presented of the process that led to the design of a community development plan intended to be the development blueprint guiding all actors (non-governmental organisations, the community, the government and Magadi Soda Company) operating in Magadi division. The case study illustrates the impact of purposive corporate action in fostering collaborative governing processes and in building the capacity of the local community to participate in societal governance. It concludes with lessons for business organisations seeking to establish collaborative initiatives that tackle complex social problems in deprived communities.

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