Vietnam Handicraft Initiative: Moving Toward Sustainable Operations

Authors: Easter, Sarah; Dato-on, Mary Conway
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Year: 2012
Company Name: Vietnam Handicraft Initiative
Number of pages: 11

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A recent MBA graduate has just received a one-year business assignment as a business development and marketing advisor to work with the Vietnam Handicraft Initiative (VHI), a vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities, located in Central Vietnam. Her job is to assist the VHI to increase its productivity, become sustainable and strengthen the capacity of the organization through improved business and marketing plans. Within the first four weeks of her arrival, she needs to detail her assessment of the VHI and provide key recommendations and focused work objectives for the remaining 11 months of her placement. She expects that the many cultural differences encountered along the way will provide a real challenge in accurately assessing the VHI and developing a detailed work plan.

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