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The Sekem Initiative

Authors: Seelos, Christian; Mair, Johanna
Product Type: Cases
Source: IESE Business School
Publication Year: 2004

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"The Sekem Initiative" portrays a complex set of circumstances that frames Sekem's decisions to further grow and develop the initiative along its historical path of holistic development in the social, economic and cultural spheres...

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A Voluntary Environmental Accord for the Dairy Industry (A, B)

Authors: Tyson, J.; Alford, J.; Norman, R.
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Australia and New Zealand School of Government
Publication Year: 2004

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This case discusses voluntary industry self-regulation, as opposed to government regulation.

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The Shrimp Seal of Quality Program

Authors: Gaillard, Tara Kearney; Quader, Syeda Masarrat; Linowes, Richard
Product Type: Cases
Source: Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program
Publication Year: 2004

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Problems began for the Bangladeshi shrimp industry with the outbreak of white spot disease among shrimp intended for export, and their resulting rejection by overseas markets. In response, a new quality program brought together all industry players to move forward with a unified agenda: to achieve a self-policing system that assured international markets that international standards were met for food safety, environmental protection and human and labor rights.

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Benziger Family Winery

EMS Development and Implementation

Authors: Silverman, Murray; Lanphar, Tom
Product Type: Cases
Source: San Francisco State University, College of Business
Publication Year: 2003

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Matt Atkinson, Ranch Manager at Benziger Family Winery, was overseeing the development of the winery's environmental management system (EMS). It was February, 2003 and Matt and Chris had already invested countless hours in the EMS, which was being developed with assistance from the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA). Through their EMS Winery Pilot Project, Cal/EPA hoped to design an EMS template that eventually could be made available to other wineries. Matt and Chris had to decide whether to aggressively pursue ISO 14001 certification...

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Starbucks and Conservation International

Authors: Austin, James E.; Reavis, Cate
Product Type: Cases
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
Publication Year: 2002

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Starbucks reviews the future of its alliance with Conservation International and its new coffee procurement guidelines aimed at promoting environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable coffee production.

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Plum Creek Timber (B)

(Externalities Example 1: Resources and Pollution)

Authors: Bazerman, Max H.; Riley, Hannah; Nasser, Nicole; Troast, John G., Jr.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2001

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Plum Creek Timber Co. decides to go ahead with negotiations for a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) on its Pacific Northwest properties. HCP represents a new form of public-private-sector collaboration and innovation to improve upon command-and-control environmental policy solution...

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The Monsanto Company: Quest for Sustainability (A, B)

Authors: Simanis, Erik; Hart, Stuart L.
Product Type: Cases
Source: William Davidson Institute
Publication Year: 2001

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Explores the strategic drivers and implications of Monsanto's sustainability-driven transition from a chemical concern to a life sciences entity.

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Cultivos Organicos S.A.

Authors: Bucher, Juan P.; Perez, Felipe; Pratt, Lawrence
Product Type: Cases
Source: INCAE Business School
Publication Year: 2000

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Cultivos Organicos SA resulted from Mary and Francisco Samayoa's initiative to develop an organic horticulture firm using state of the art technology.

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Engaging Civil Society to Create Sustainable Agricultural Systems: Environmentally-friendly Coffee in El Salvador and Mexico

Authors: Giovannucci, Daniele; Brandriss, Peter; Brenes, Esteban; Ruthenberg, Ina Marlene; Agostini, Paola
Product Type: Policy and Issue Reports
Source: THINKING OUT LOUD, LAC Civil Society Team, The World Bank
Publication Year: 1999

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Farmers are interested in both markets and sustainability, so how can the two effectively link?

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Weyerhaeuser Company

Sustainability issues are vital in the forestry industry and involve sensitivity to trade-offs among multiple stakeholders ...

Authors: Milstein, Mark B.; Hart, Stuart L.
Product Type: Cases
Source: World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 1997

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In response to the negative image of the forest products industry, Weyerhaeuser implemented Project Legacy to re-evaluate and reinvigorate its approach to both the natural resource base and the stakeholders who feel the impact of its operations. Historically, in the industry and as formerly practiced by the company, land was sold after logging, as the process of natural regeneration was unsatisfactory...

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