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Veridian: Putting a Value on Values

This case was analyzed in the 2006 Walter V. Shipley Business Leadership Case Competition

Authors: Khurana, Rakesh; Podolny, Joel; Elias, Jaan
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School
Publication Year: 2006

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While some CEOs would have welcomed the opportunity to sell their companies for a substantial premium over its current stock price, David Langstaff had not built Veridian – a medium-sized defense contractor -- to be a high flier in the stock market. Langstaff believed that he was building a "national asset" - a company dedicated to giving the nation's top technologists the opportunity to devise the best solutions to the nation's most pressing problems...

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Ford Mexico: Bridging the Learning Divide

Authors: Garcia, P; Maguire Lewis, M; Bradberry, R
Product Type: Cases
Source: CIBER Case Collection
Publication Year: 2006

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This case explores the changes that Ford made to its Mexican assembly operations from the early 1990s to the present. The case compares the different production systems, productivity and learning transfer at two Ford plants, located in different parts of Mexico.

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Teaching Module on Low-Wage Work in The Coming Economy - Dead End or a Way Out?

Author: Johnson, Jennifer
Product Type: Teaching Modules
Source: The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education
Publication Year: 2009

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Most of us believe that full-time work should pay enough to avoid poverty, but this often isn't the case. While there is no one accepted definition of "low-wage work," there are an estimated 30 million Americans earning around the poverty line or below.

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Business Cycles and Employment Practices in a Domestic Garment Company (A, B)

Management's Dilemma

Authors: Byrne, Keely; Detert, Jim
Product Type: Cases
Source: Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics
Publication Year: 2005

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How should your management team address the apparel company's excess labor problem during the upcoming period of slow sales?

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McKay Nursery Company (A, B)

Authors: Meyer, Kathleen A.; Pochop, Laura; Weiss, Stephanie
Product Type: Cases
Source: The Business Enterprise Trust
Publication Year: 1996

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McKay Nursery Co., founded in 1897 in Waterloo, WI, had a longstanding history of commitment to employees. The close-knit organization was a pioneer in the agricultural industry of several employee-friendly policies. But in the early 1980s, as McKay's owners grew older and senior management neared retirement, the next generation of managers feared for the future of the profitable, debt-free company...

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Southwest Airlines (A, B)

Authors: O'Reilly, Charles A.; Pfeffer, Jeffrey
Product Type: Cases
Source: Stanford University
Publication Year: 2006

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In 1994, both United Airlines and Continental Airlines launched low-cost airlines-within-an-airline to compete with Southwest Airlines...

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Virginia Mason Medical Center

Authors: Bohmer, Richard M.J.; Ferlins, Erika M.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Harvard Business School Publishing
Publication Year: 2008

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In 2000, Dr. Gary Kaplan became CEO of the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. The hospital was facing significant challenges: It was losing money for the first time in its history, staff morale had plummeted, and area hospitals presented ardent competition. Considerable change was imminent...

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Coca-Cola in Africa: Increasing Productivity by Combating AIDS

Author: Weatherhead School of Management
Product Type: Mini-Cases
Source: Case Western Reserve University
Publication Year: 2008

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Cocal-Cola has launched several initiatives to educate, protect and curb the AIDS crisis for its employees, in turn helping the economic growth of the whole region.

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IKEA and the Natural Step

Authors: Reichert, Joel; Larson, Andrea
Product Type: Cases
Source: World Resources Institute
Publication Year: 1998

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In 1996, IKEA' s $5 billion in revenues made it the world's largest retailer of furniture and home furnishings. IKEA extended its activities as an innovator through its incorporation of The Natural Step framework for assessing the ecological and social sustainability...

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Infosys Technologies Ltd: Accounting for Human Capital (A2)

Authors: Cohen, Jacob; Hawkins, David F.; Raver, Jenifer
Product Type: Cases
Source: INSEAD
Publication Year: 2007

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The case highlights the issue of human capital accounting. Corporations regularly argue that employees are their most valuable asset. The case explores the methods for valuing this human capital asset and highlights arguments for and against the practice of capitalising it on companies' balance sheets.

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