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Muslim Colas

Cola Wars or Cola Crusades?

Authors: Faulk, Saskia; Usunier, Jean-Claude
Product Type: Cases
Source: University of Lausanne
Publication Year: 2006

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This case deals with the rise of colas marketed by Muslim-led businesses, in the context of consumer boycotts of American products and brands. The purpose is to emphasise how politics and political events may impact consumer behaviour, competition, and business strategy.

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Statoil Iran

Authors: Lane, Henry W.; Wesley, David T.A.
Product Type: Cases
Source: Richard Ivey School of Business
Publication Year: 2009

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Less than one year after being awarded a contract to develop one of the world's largest offshore petroleum fields, Statoil's future in Iran appeared to be in jeopardy. Statoil was at the center of a corruption investigation that had resulted in the resignations of three of the company's top executives, including its CEO...

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Nova Biomedical and the Iran Deal

Authors: Eshghi, Golpira; Zacharakis, Andrew
Product Type: Cases
Source: North America Case Research Association, Case Research Journal; The Wilfrid Laurier Institute
Publication Year: 1998

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Jim Means had made inroads into one of the last remaining big markets for blood analyzers, Iran. The deal that Jim and his colleagues brokered would generate $1.1 million up front plus an ongoing revenue stream of $300,000 every year for the foreseeable future-big numbers for NOVA Biomedical, which generated $70 million in revenues the previous year...

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